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The Shadow Throne by Django Wexler

th_b_Wexler_ShadowThroneThe Country of Vordan is sitting on a precipice, ready to descend into a state of panic at any moment. The king is on his deathbed, leaving his daughter Raesinia Orboan to succeed. The malignant Duke Orlanko, who has gained a reputation as the most feared and powerful man in the kingdom as minister of information and master of the secret police,  believes the princess weak-willed and therefore seeks to manipulate her from behind the scenes. Finding herself trapped within  Orlanko’s grasp, she seeks allies in the form of recent war hero Janus bet Vhalnich and his company who are returning from the colony of Khandar. Winter Ihernglass, now answering directly to Vhalnich who is the only person who knows she is actually a woman, finds herself returning to the home she ran away from years ago. Marcus d’Ivoire also has his own reasons to dread his return to the city, with a fresh memory of a burning estate and the end of life as he knew it so many years ago. Together, under orders from Vhalnich, they seek to free the Princess from under Orlanko’s grip, and give the nation the leader it so desperately needs. Doing this, however, might cause more short term  damage to the kingdom than  anything else.
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Why English, Creative Writing and the Fantasy Genre are all good things

When people ask me what I’m currently doing, or what I’m majoring in, I tell them the truth. I tell them that I am currently working towards a BA in English, with an interest in creative writing. Normally, there are only two kinds of responses to my revelation. The first is usually just “Oh, that’s good.” or  “How interesting”  with the kind of tone that belies what they just said. The second case is when people ask “Oh, well what can you do with that?”. I can’t tell you how many times this happens to me and it gets old relatively quickly. Continue reading Why English, Creative Writing and the Fantasy Genre are all good things

Matthew Laube: Professional Demon Slayer

Matthew Laube is the self-published author of the Ancient Trilogy, a captivating fantasy series involving demons and a fight for survival. We jumped at the chance to interview Laube and he definitely had a few things to say about his experience in diversity in the fantasy genre. Continue reading Matthew Laube: Professional Demon Slayer

Mysterious Galaxy Book Signing: StoryTime with Sanderson

Story time reached its climax as Brandon Sanderson read aloud a portion of his up-and-coming third installment to his Stormlight Archive:

“That one in blue,’ he said ‘Near the overturned cart.”
Dalinar squinted, then nodded. Nearby, Thocke (I’m guessing at the spelling here) climbed off his horse and slid out his sword, resting it on his shoulder—a not so subtle warning. The archer contemplated this, then drew his bow and launched a single black-fledged arrow. It soared true, sticking into the chosen corpse.
“Stormfather.” Dalinar said, lowering his hand, “Thocke, before today i would have bet you half the princedom that such a shot wasn’t possible.” He turned to the archer.
“What’s your name, assassin?” The man raised his chin but didn’t reply.
“Well, either way, welcome to my elites,” Dalinar said, brushing off his hand.
“Someone get this fellow a horse!”
“What?!” the archer said, “I tried to kill you!”
“Yes, from a distance,” Dalinar said, letting one of his men help him onto his horse. “Which shows remarkable judgement. I have use for someone with your skills.”
“We’re enemies!”
Dalinar nodded toward the town below, where the beleaguered army was at long last surrendering.
“Not anymore!”
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A Crown For Cold SIlver By Alex Marshall


Image of the book cover of A Crown for Cold Silver
Image of the book cover of A Crown for Cold Silver

People often say never to judge a book by its cover, but in the literal sense, that’s exactly what I do. Its the best feeling in the world when I pick out something at a book store with a cool book cover and an amazing story to boot. I proudly own an entire bookshelf dedicated to great fantasy novels, and the whole thing looks amazing. A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall is the latest edition to said amazing bookshelf. With a strong female protagonist set in a wonderfully dark and humorous fantasy world, A Crown for Cold Silver is something you can read in public and be richly entertained at the same time. Its win-win I’d say. Continue reading A Crown For Cold SIlver By Alex Marshall