About the Editors

Mackenzie Aiken

Mackenzie AikenMackenzie Aiken fell in love with fantasy and science fiction at the ripe young age of eight, not through books, but through Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek: The Next Generation. From there, she read a variety of fantasy literature, discovered Xbox fantasy gaming, and kept watching. Today, in between waiting in vain for the next installment of The Elder Scrolls and combing through scholarship on feminism and queer studies, Mackenzie enjoys reading fantasy literature that highlights non-normative gender and sexuality.

Jordan Garza

Jordan GarzaJordan Garza is a 6’3 slender young lad with a profound addiction to both reading and writing in the fantasy genre. Having read great titles such as The Lord of the Rings and Eragon as early as the fourth grade, Jordan considers himself as having a very fantastical taste in all things nerdy. Jordan has a vested interest in making a career out of his hobbies as a reader and writer. Some of his favorite books include “The Night Angel Trilogy” by Brent Weeks, “The Kingkiller Chronicles” by Patrick Rothfuss and the “The Stormlight Archive” by Brandon Sanderson.

Eugene Velasquez

eugeneWhen not drunk on dreams of mage inhabited unrealities, Eugene is pulled between fighting academic trials, inscribing fleeting fantasy worlds, and slaying virtual monsters. His fascination with fantasy originated from the cartoon series Tenko and the Guardians of the Magic. Eventually many fantasy stories lost their appeal as they mirrored each other with overused archetypes. Nowadays he mainly enjoys fantasy novels that stray from the typical mold.

Jared Zeiders

EDITOR PHOTOS JaredJared Zeiders dabbles in all things written but specializes in science fiction and fantasy genres. He regularly stacks rocks and tries to avoid them when they fall. Some of his favorite authors are Stephen King and Patrick Rothfuss. Jared also likes the taste of sunshine hidden in Cinnas fruit and pears that think they are anything but pears.

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